Weekly Dining Featured Dishes
May 2017

Week of April 28th- May 4th
Tenderloin Flat Iron Steak 
Shrimp Louie 
Smoked Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps 
Honey Powder Salmon, Spring Rissoto

Week of May 5th- 11th 
Vegan Tofu Vegetable Enchiladas 
Texas Crispy Quail, Pan Gravy
Ahi Tuna Lettuce Wraps
Char-Broiled Tenderloin Kebob

Week of May 12th- 18th 
Wood Plank Shrimp Stuffed Salmon 
Steak Burrito Salad Bowl 
Spring Tuscan Chicken Stack
Onion Crisp Veal

Week of May 19th- 25th 
Texas Venison Chicken Fried Steak 
Fried Chicken Salad 
Osso Bucco 
Shrimp Thai Noodle Bowl 

Week of May 26th- June 8th 
Flounder on a Stick, Remoulade 
Grilled Lamb, Minted Orange Medjool 
Fire Roasted Lemon Pepper Chicken
Pork Steak, Brandy Peppercorn Sauce